“I had been attending Dave Kingdoms classes for only a couple of weeks when I found myself in a situation with a drunk and aggressive individual in a pub. The person involved had been making inappropriate comments to some female members of the group that I was with and when I asked him to go away the situation turned violent quickly. A punch was thrown at me from the side and the basic self defence techniques taught by Dave allowed me to initially protect myself and then take control of the situation until security intervened and escorted the individual off the premises.

Thanks Dave for providing me with the skills and knowledge to defuse this situation quickly and without injury”.

– Steve Atkins, Nowra

“I have be attending Krav Maga classes with Dave kingdom for about 4 months and in this time, I have lost 7 kilos and 4 inches around the waist. I have also noticably toned my arm and leg muscles.

The skills I have learned have enhanced my situational awareness of customers within my work place and have given me the confidence to approach complete strangers. I have also gained confidence when attending a bar or night club – learning to be aware of a bad situations and how to distance myself from them or to defend myself if required.

My whole out look on my life has improved and I feel much more comfortable with who I am and how I approach each day and I owe it all to Dave and his Kingdom Krav Maga lessons. So thank you Dave very much, for everything”.

– Dawn Janszen, Nowra

“I have been Training with Dave Kingdom for about 3 years. Kingdom Krav Maga has changed my life in many ways. I am fitter, stronger body and mind and it gives me a lot more confidence with everything I do. Kingdom Krav Maga has also given me the confidence to protect myself and others; not just to react physically but to be able to resolve the situation without violence, which I have done on a number of occasions.

I have had to use Krav Maga to protect myself and to protect others. I have been assaulted and attacked with a knife and the techniques that I learned at Kingdom Krav Maga have saved my life more than once. On another occasion, I had to protect a good friend from a group of 3 drunken men, when I was walking her home. Without Kingdom Krav Maga, I wouldn’t have been able to take control the situation and get both her and I out of the danger zone safely.

I recommend Kingdom Krav Maga for everyone who likes to have fun and want to be able to protect the people they love. The classes are great, the students always have a smile and Dave is a great teacher, friend and mentor.

Thanks so much Dave, Kingdom Krav Maga is my life”.

– Kyle Roberts, Sydney

Thanks so much Dave, Kingdom Krav Maga is my life
Thanks so much Dave, Kingdom Krav Maga is my life

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